Tracks for Davide Masi (Verified)ITA

Davide Masi

Born and raised in Bologna in north Italy, Davide started skydiving in 2009 .
The 2010 was the year he started Wingsuit Flying. Ever since then jumps every week end with his WS.
In the 2011 founded the Barbazan Fly Team and the Barbazan Fly Wingsuit School, one of the best school in Italy, with the most number of members in Italy about WS.
He won few times the Italian WS championship and an international competition in italy.
He is one of the most important WS events organizer in Italy, and this year with his Team marked the first FAI Italian WS Record Formation 17 way.
In the 2016 he will represent Italy at the first FAI Wolrd Championship at Zhills.
Davide always says: smile and enjoy your life!